South Africa’s most successful estates have strict architectural guidelines that ensure quality but do not stifle individual flair.


In a nod to its exquisite coastal location, the entire Cypraea Sands complex has been designed to aesthetically complement the natural landscape while minimising environmental and ecological impact. Exceptional architecture ensures that each of the luxury freehold homes benefits from the region’s sun-drenched climate, while also offering superior wind protection.


The interiors also reflect the architect’s interpretation of sophisticated yet comfortable coastal living. All the houses are generously proportioned. Each is designed and individually positioned to take advantage of the sunshine and to protect against the prevailing winds. While all open space gardens will be mainly indigenous, gardens within properties can be designed according to the owners’ choice.


Living off the grid is encouraged - homes are fitted with solar heating panels and gas fixtures. Dams, run-off harvesting and proven boreholes supply water to the estate and every house has rain water tanks.



8 basic house designs exist as a guideline for investors to customise to their personal needs and taste.