Cypraea Sands Lifestyle Estate

Q: What is Cypraea?

A: Cypraea Sands Lifestyle Estate consists of a Lifestyle Estate and Seniors Village. The Lifestyle Estate offers customised homes with freehold title for people of all ages. The Seniors Village consists of life rights units and a Medical and Frail Care Centre exclusively for people over the age of 60.


Q: Who are the developers of Cypraea?

A: The partners in the development are the Venture Group and a consortium of East London business people. The builders are ISG, an East London-based building company, which is part of the Venture Group. The majority of the professionals and suppliers to Cypraea are East London companies.


Q: Where is Cypraea Sands Estate and what is made up of?

A: The estate, as stated earlier, lies to the east of East London, and is 30kms from the city’s centre. It was badly eroded and covered in alien vegetation when the developers purchased it. It was re-zoned and subsequently rehabilitated. The extent is nearly 80 ha. It has direct access via a servitude to a beautiful stretch of beach, which is amongst the finest in the area. Cypraea will consist of up to 77 upmarket homes, with a recreation centre and sporting facilities, which include bowls and tennis.


Q: What security will be in place?

A: The property is walled and fenced. Access is by way of the gatehouse and is controlled. In addition guards patrol the property. Security of the residents is a top priority with management, and for the HOA when it takes over. In addition all staff on the estate, including domestic workers and gardeners, are required to wear Cypraea identity badges.


What restrictions are in place to ensure that privacy is not comprised by ongoing building?

A: The developers have strict rules governing building. A great advantage is the builder, ISG, is part of the Venture Group. This means building operations are project managed to ensure efficiency and minimal impact on current homeowners. The rules governing ISG are available on request.


Q: Are a choice of finishes available?

A: The outside finishes must conform to the developer’s Architectural Guidelines and palette. However, while ISG has recommendations for internal finishes, changes to the standard offering can be accommodated with adjusted costs.


Q: How do the prices work if there is a choice of different houses to match different stands?

A: Each stand has been allocated a recommended house, with the premium stands getting the bigger houses. You may choose to put a smaller house on a premium stand. However the developer will levy a surcharge on this.


Q: Is it possible to buy at Cypraea for rental or investment.

A: Yes, it is an option, please chat to our on site agent, Bev Muller – 082 853 5673 or


Q: What is the potential of the area for development?

A: East London is moving eastward. Cypraea will be in the path of this development, although it will always retain its country-coastal ambiance. Articles recently in the press give a good indication of what is likely to happen over the next decade. The first phase of this is the municipality’s new commercial node at Crossways, 10 kms from Cypraea. Several new commercial properties have already been developed in the node. While East London is unlikely to be a mega-city the expansion up the coast will closely resemble that of Durban 40 years ago, when Umhlanga Rocks slowly changed from seaside village to a suburb of the city.


Q: What are the rates?

A: The rates structure falls under Great Kei Municipality (GKM) and is currently being implemented. Cypraea Sands Estate management are participating in a community forum with GKM to finalise this issue.


Q: How will the estate be managed?

A: The management will fall into two phases. While the estate is being developed it will be run by the developer. Once 80% of the homes have been sold, the elected Home-Owners Association (HOA) will take over the running of the estate. Until this time Cypraea will manage all aspects of the estate, from operations through to finance. The manager will effectively be the conduit between Cypraea and the residents.


Q: What are the monthly levies and what do they cover?

A: The current proposed levy structure is R1950. However while the estate is in the development stage, the developers carry the shortfall. Once the HOA takes over the estate the levies will become its responsibility. The services covered by the levy include the estate management and maintenance, membership of the recreation centre and security.


Q: Who maintains the estate’s gardens and public areas?

A: Initially the developers, but it will ultimately fall under the HOA.


Q: Can I have my own garden with plants of my choice, and can I fence it?

A: Private gardens are allowed but indigenous plants are encouraged. Small areas, mainly for pets, may be fenced, in accordance with the Architectural and Environmental Guidelines.


Q: Are there restrictions regarding visitors?

A: There are no restrictions for day visitors, providing they abide by the rules of the estate, and have been invited by a resident. The only restriction on overnight visitors is that the occupancy of the house on a long-term basis does not exceed that governed by the estate rules.


Q: Are pets permitted?

A: Dogs as well as smaller pets are encouraged.


Q: Is membership to the club compulsory?

A: Yes, it is part of the levy.


Q: What activities does the estate offer?

A: There are a wide variety of activities available. Sporting activities, such as tennis, bowls, swimming, hiking, salt-water and beach activities, gym, and a par 3 9-hole golf course. As well as, indoor activities at the recreation centre, dependent on the homeowners, art classes, bridge, yoga and pilates and many other hobbies.


Q: How does Cypraea obtain water?

A: Cypraea took a decision not to rely on municipal water. All water on the estate comes from proven boreholes, dams and storm water harvesting. Each house has rain water tanks, with all grey water harvested for re-use in irrigation. This procedure is becoming commonplace in the area, and is accepted by the local authorities.


Q: Is there going to be wildlife at Cypraea?

A: Certainly, the birdlife will return as indigenous trees take over from aliens, and the dams grow in. Indigenous game has been introduced.


Seniors Village

Q: What is the situation regarding health care facilities?

A: Cypraea will outsource all aspects of health care to Berea Gardens Retirement Foundation, East London’s leading provider of accommodation to seniors. People buying at the estate will have preferential access to the facilities at the planned Seniors Village, which includes assisted living and frail care services. The Seniors Village borders the estate.
Every person or entity that purchases a property in the Lifestyle Estate is automatically placed on the waiting list for the Seniors Village. This is done in order of their purchase. Should the first buyer, Number 1, not wish to exercise their right to accommodation at Seniors, when it becomes available, Number 2 is offered the accommodation. Should 2 also wish to postpone a move, it goes to 3, and so on. However no buyer at Cypraea can go down the queue. The only change is upwards. A home or an investment in the estate really is an insurance against the future. This becomes more pertinent when a search for accommodation in the better retirement complexes in and around East London reveals that most of them have either closed their application lists or the wait exceeds ten or more years.


Q: Will home-based care be available?

A: The international trend is to keep people at home for as long as possible and the estate’s home-based care will follow this. The familiar surrounds of one’s own home is recognised as a major contributor to good health. Homeowners can either source their own caregivers, which can live in their houses, or be serviced from the health facility. Each house will be equipped with direct line to the emergency facility.


Q: Is there a step-by-step process from the estate through to the frail care facility, via the assisted living and the Seniors Village?

A: There is a clear path from the estate to frail but it is not through one company. Cypraea Seniors Village, which includes the health care facilities, is a separate entity, but homeowners have a predetermined right to access. However once people move off the estate, whether they sell their homes or rent them, the next relationship is with the Cypraea Group, and the service provider. It is not certain at this stage, but the two bedroom homes at the Seniors Village are likely to be owned under the life rights option. Life Right schemes are governed by the Housing Development Scheme for Retired Persons, Act No. 65 of 1988. While the buyers enjoy all the rights that a freehold purchase offers, the price is considerably reduced. This enables buyers to effectively acquire “more house for their money”. The reason for this is that the developer remains the owner. With the ownership goes responsibility of management, maintenance and upkeep. When the owner of the Life Right leaves the property, for whatever reason, the unit returns to Cypraea Seniors Village. The owner, or his or her heirs, are paid out an amount agreed in their initial purchase agreement. Note: Before entertaining into a Life Rights purchase Cypraea’s legal and sales teams will meet with buyers to go through every aspect of the purchase and the likely implications on the eventual sale.