Cypraea Sands Harmony

Cypraea Sands Estate has been developed with a strong focus on ‘green design’, the aim being to create a healthy community living in harmony with the natural environment.

A low density footprint with only 77 Estate houses, sound water, waste and sewerage policies, indigenous vegetation, small game species and walking paths designed with game viewing and bird watching in mind, all add to the harmonious lifestyle offered at Cypraea Sands Estate.


Living off the grid is encouraged – homes are fitted with solar heating panels and gas fixtures. Dams, run-off harvesting and proven boreholes supply water to the estate and every house has rain water tanks.


For the naturalist this magnificent coastal estate brims with birdlife and the wonders that the warm Indian Ocean and coastal vegetation offer. For those simply looking for a slower, more authentic lifestyle, Cypraea Sands Estate offers this with luxury, comfort and tranquillity and an easy commute to work, schools and shopping centres.

Nature & Environment

• Land returned to “indigenous” state during development
• Low density building footprint
• Maximum 77 houses
• Large tracts of nature reserved on Estate
• Walking paths with bird and game viewing points planned
• Small game have been introduced
• Environmental policy included in Constitution

Water Harvesting & Storage

• 3 harvesting dams completed
• Concrete dam wall can be raised by 1m
• Storm water channelled to dams
• Minimum 15 000 litres rainwater tanks at each house
• 1 borehole operating – rights to drill 2nd on adjoining property
• Processed grey water re-used for irrigation

Water Treatment & Distribution

• Central water treatment plant commissioned
• 385 000 litre buffer reservoir completed
• Supply to houses and maintenance of tanks @ 25%
• All house water drawn from rain water tanks
• All water filtered and UV light sterilized at each house

Water Waste & Sewerage

• All domestic waste water processed through underground Clear Edge package plants
• Redundancy and operating risk optimized through Clear Edge plants serving every 3-4 homes
• Processed “grey water” returned to houses for garden irrigation