Cypraea Sands Style

Purchasing a property at Cypraea Sands Estate is not only a savvy financial investment but also the best investment in lifestyle!

Careful planning and accountability characterise this development. All sites are beautifully situated, offering panoramic sea or coastal countryside views. Each of the stylish homes on this low density estate are customised to owner’s requirements, guided by architectural plans to ensure the integrity of the estate and its ecology.


Architectural design

CSE does offer several existing house designs which can be tailored to individual taste, however, buyers are not limited to these and are welcome to consider their own designs that can satisfy the CSE architectural guidelines.

Of the offered house designs, Complimentary colour schemes, roofing, windows and natural finishes lend compatibility to the generously proportioned, freehold houses.

All the houses are generously proportioned. Each is designed and individually positioned to take advantage of the sunshine and to protect against the prevailing winds. The interiors also reflect the architect’s interpretation of sophisticated yet comfortable coastal living.

While all open space gardens will be mainly indigenous, gardens within properties can be designed according to the owners’ choice.


6 basic house designs exist as a guideline for investors to customise to their personal needs and taste.

Learning From Others

South Africa’s most successful estates have strict architectural guidelines that ensure quality but do not stifle individual flair.  Cypraea has learnt from their winning ways.